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Auto dealer marketing has become increasingly more important as the competition in the industry has heated up.  With fewer buyers shopping for new and used cars, auto dealers are competing more heavily than ever before.

Traditional forms of auto dealer marketing have taken a backseat to online marketing.  Consumers are flocking to the Internet to research cars and find dealerships.  New and used cars are searched for online more than any other resources.  Thousands of potential buyers are searching for cars sitting on your lot today!

The most effective form of auto dealer marketing is search engine optimization and Internet marketing.  Offering the highest return on investment (ROI), online marketing competition has heated up.  The most savvy auto dealers are investing in both immediate and long term efforts to get more traffic to their website and more buyers into their dealership.

  1. The goal is to drive buyers to your dealership.

Effective use of online promotions, e-mail marketing, online public relations in combination with search engine optimization can increase your sales and keep your sales team happy.Download our Toolbar

When you opened your dealership you likely thought about location.  After all, with any type of real estate it is all about location, location, location.  Online that location is where your website ranks when someone is searching for you.

Here is a simple test to see how your website is doing:

a)      go to Google and type in a search term that is a combination of your City and any of the following terms:

  1. new cars
  2. used cars
  3. car dealership
  4. manufacturer name (e.g. Honda, Toyota, etc)

b)      look at the first two pages of results

c)      if your website appears you are doing fine, but can always do better;  if your website does not appear you need search engine optimization

With the competition heating up make sure you have invested in effective auto dealer marketing.


Source by Sal Lingo

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