Epitome Of Efficiency And Resource Utilization Through Auto Dialers


Today we are all familiar with call centres and the kind of work call agents need to handle. Every big company or organization has a clientele, or a customer base, that they need to cater to. The more customers there are, the more queries there will be regarding the services or products that a company sells. In order to make sure that the customers are taken care of and looked after properly, the call centres need to be managed flawlessly. This flawless management is provided by call centre software.

Let us work with the example of a mobile network provider. We all have a sim card installed in our mobile phones, which comes loaded with the services of the network provider. Caller tunes, SMS alerts, etc. are a few popular examples of these services. Now, in order to activate or deactivate these services, a person has to call the helpline number. This helpline number connects the customer to a call agent, who then takes care of the request. During this entire process, it happens many a time that all agents are busy, which makes the customers wait. Customers do not like waiting – and this can be a cause of loss of business. In order to avoid loss of business in this way, the auto dialler works efficiently to make sure all the answered calls are connected with a call agent. This enables a company to address a higher percentage of incoming calls, which makes it possible to maintain business at a certain benchmark. It is said that if you take care of existing customers well, more will automatically follow.

The predictive dialler has more to offer in order to increase efficiency of a firm. It not only handles incoming calls, but also outgoing calls. While a call agent takes a call, the outbound dialler places calls to ten more customers. Out of these ten calls, two or three get answered. By this time, the call agent is done with his call, so the dialler passes the answered call to the agent. This way, the waiting time is reduced – both for the agent and the customer. Since this increases the number of calls an agent handles each day, the company resources are optimally used. This software is a revolutionary invention in the field of customer assistance. Continuing the example of mobile network providers, you may have noticed outbound dialling in progress. You must have received calls from your service provider intimating you of some new schemes and offers. This has become common practice with all big companies. In order to get more business, marketing their products and services this way helps them to achieve their yearly targets.

In fact, it is not only the customers that these software handle, they are used for internal firm services also. In order to give its employees centralized assistance for all matters, a company may invest in setting up exclusive call centres for its employees.

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